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Rohit his mission is to spread knowledge and experiences about Ankh and Pyramid Energy and their benevolent applications. He demonstrates this by assisting people releasing emotional pains, physical pains and karmic inheritances.



    Rohit is a mystical and adventurous traveller focused on spiritual themes, and besides that he also has many experiences of worldly jobs and careers. His motto is to be faithful to your Soul in any circumstances (naturally without harming others), so that a person fulfills his or hers true Soul Mission. His style is short, powerful and practical.

Rohit worked for years as ICT/Telecom projectmanager, teamleader and trainer. He also started successful enterprises, both guided by ratio and his intuition. The year 2011 was a huge turning point for him by a heavy car accident and a divorce.  The spiritual gifts that he was aware of since the age of 19, he now started to actively apply, to be of service for people, assisting them in their process of growth and liberation of traumas.

Rohit lived and travelled in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Portugal. Rohit gave lectures about Ankh energy for audiences in The Netherlands, Chicago (USA) and Ferney-Voltaire (Frankrijk) to build bridges between the mystical and the scientific world. His parents lived in Suriname, his grandfather came from India.

He likes special places such as the Ellora & Ajanta Temples (India), the Visoko Pyramide (Bosnia) and the Basilique de Fourviere (Lyon, France) and recommends everyone to visit such high-spiritual places. Rohit learned about several paths of meditation like Vipassana Silence-meditation (10 daysIndia) and has experience with the powerful benevolent mantras (higher vibrations that harmonize our body aand mind).


“I am thankful for this inspiring life in which so many experiences have led to experiencing Light in several ways. Everything that “I” do is obviously not done by my “I” but by The One who give us all Life, who gave us this Body and the Life Breath (Prana). With that Cosmic Power, with this Cosmic Father and Mother we are One every second of our Life.  I wish for everyone that you may experience that Bliss.

That Light You Are

Tat Tvam Asi

Extraordinary people came to Earth to lead mankind to the path of Light and Truth. These people are called Satgurus in India. “Guru” also means “the one who removes darkness”.

“In the presence of the Satguru Knowledge flourishes, Sorrow diminishes, Joy wells up without any reason (Bliss), Abundance dawns, All talents manifest”. (Anandamayi Ma)

I am thankful that the following Satgurus came on my path, in real or by books/knowledge, and that I learned from them. I wish that everyone may be guided by his or her Satgurus.


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